PrayPrayer & Praise Report




12/03/23 – Maxine Fewell’s brother Buddy passed away Sunday morning from

health complications.

12/02/23 – Bill Brandenburg (Sissy Butler’s father) – had a leg amputated above

the knee due to circulation problems; hopes to begin acute rehab this week.

UPDATE: 11/30/23 – Cyndi Smith – She is understanding 50-55% of what she

hears, but is concerned about the effectiveness of the cochlear implants

11/28/23 – Pat Jordan (Toby’s brother) had surgery this day and was transferred

to ICU and put on a ventilator

11/26/23 – Teddy Lee – (Arnie Pavlik’s nephew’s 3 yr old son) – Still no diagnosis for his food uptake problems

11/26/23 – Amy Vargas – is seriously ill. Her doctors need wisdom; she & her family need peace.

11/26/23 – Haylee (Lynette Everhart’s daughter) – Recovery from removal of

wisdom teeth.

11/26/23 – Hafiza – (friend of Sarah Pavlik) her 21 yr old son was recently found

dead in his bed.

11/26/23 – Christine and son Ryan (friends of Sarah Pavlik) – Ryan (21 yrs. old)

recently attempted suicide.

11/26/23 – Gail & John “Rusty” Collis – (friends of Carolyn Knight) – Prayers

needed for Gail’s medical condition along with Rusty’s existing medical issues.

Prayers needed for both and for Rusty to be able to take care of her.

11/19/23 – Family of Donald Alexander (uncle of Aaron James) of his recent

passing. Please pray for the family.

11/19/23 – Norma Wallace – Schedule to receive a pacemaker on 12/6/23

11/19/23 – Family who lost their home in Federal Hill to a fire

11/06/23 -Anonymous request – 5 month old baby on a respirator.

Barbara Woods (Shirley Butler’s sister) Knee replacement scheduled for 12/7/23.

Will also have an operation on her other knee so she can bend it.

Rick Geisler – Rare disease

Earl Priddy – (Melissa Butler’s brother) – Needs a better place to live closer to


Faith Feeding Freedom & Toni Weisberg – For God to help them with the

problems they are having.

Sandy Ciccone

Joyce Triggs – (friend of Jean Mauck) In nursing home, needs God’s peace

Sandy Duncan (Cousin of Kathy Larrick) In Willow Tree Nursing Home and in

rehabilitation, she is receiving therapy to regain strength.

Vanville Church of Christ – Needs wisdom to resolve matters with the insurance





UPDATE: 12/02/23 – Amanda Owens (friend of Diana Pavlik) – surgery

successful; waiting on pathology

11/19/23 – Sheila Carlisle (Bruce Sander’s sister in law)

11/19/23 – Jay Hoffman – (Nancy Yost’s friend) diagnosed with cancer

11/19/23 – Clarence Litten – Nancy Yost’s best friends father) pancreatitis cancer

11/19/23 – Jeannie Welty (Carroll & Sharon Jordan’s daughter’s best friend)

Anal cancer and starting chemo treatments.

11/19/23 – Phil Millison (Sharon & Carroll Jordan’s son’s best friend) diagnosed

with throat cancer which has metastasized to his liver. Beginning chemotherapy.

11/19/23 – Craig (friend of Carolyn & Raymond Knight) mouth cancer

11/19/23 – Sue Zangrilli – doing well on hormone therapy, pray she finishes well

11/6/23 – Sean Thomas – Colon cancer

Gary Parsons, Jr. – recently diagnosed with double lung cancer.

Jim Goforth, – His first round of radiation went well, He will have another one

in eight weeks.

Sharon Lewis – Cancer treatments

Susie Cookus – Cancer treatments in Morgantown

Dave Sibole – Remission of leukemia, peace

John – (Kathy Larrick’s nephew’s brother in law) – Diagnosed with rectal

cancer. In need of prayer to get through this illness.

Linda Harrison – In need of prayer from her recent cancer surgery

John Barnes (fiancee’ of Sonya James coworker) -Wisdom for the doctors to

know how to treat his cancer

Debbie Yates – Recently diagnosed with Cancer

Nancy Manuel (friend of Saralie Bartgis) – Not doing very well

Denny Burkhart – (Friend of C.W & Kelly Coe) – Leukemia: Improving, pray for


George Selba (Brother of James Selba) – Pancreatic cancer; began chemo

Scott Knotts – (C.W. Coe’s Relative) – Leukemia; pray for remission

Julie Mayo, (Friend of Amy Vargas) has incurable cancer, nothing can be done

at this time, enjoying time with family and God is in control.

Bob Farris – Cancer

Candy Moore – Cancer




Pam Cole son’s friend – is feeling much better and the family thanks the church

for the prayers

Saralee Bartgis – Praises God for the length of time she has been antibiotic free

Jim Eichelberger – shingles are much improved. He has been in church a lot


Regina Miller – the shots she has been receiving are giving her relief


Psalm 6:2

“Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint. Heal me, Lord, 

for my bones are in agony”