Prayer & Praise Report


Deuteronomy 20:4

“For the Lord your God is going with you to fight for you

against your enemies to save you”


11/21/22 – Family of Scott Newlin: Pray for his family of his recent passing.

11/21/22 – Joyce Triggs: Pray for her to have strength in her legs, she is in a wheelchair most of the time.

11/21/22 – Raymond Bigaman: He is in the hospital, has a blood clot in/on his spleen.

11/21/22 – Johnny Horst: Pray for his health concerns.

11/21/22 – Toby Jordan – UPDATE: On a new prescription, has bronchitis, doing alot better, still in need of our prayers.

11/21/22 -UPDATE & PRAISE – Fred Fowler: Now at home, doing better but still in need of prayer for continued healing.

11/7/22 – Sandy – God knows her needs

11/7/22 – Krystal Long – Needs prayers for her gallbladder

11/7/22 – Nancy (Patty Gifft’s sister) Please pray for her health

11/7/22 Cyndi Smith – She meets with the surgeon in Dec to discuss plans for her major surgery in May 2023. She will have to have a revision to her left implant, at the same time she has to have her right ear implanted. She will be completely deaf for a month, head shaved and bedridden.

10/31/22 – Kevin Fowler – (Bud Price’s nephew) – Recently fell off of a ladder, numerous injuries and in need of prayer.

10/31/22 – Do Duyen – She and her family are in need of prayer.

10/31/22 – Bernie Fewell – Needs prayer for recent testing and diagnosis regarding hand tremors and dizziness.

10/31/22 – Jimmy Woodward (Ms. Butler’s brother in law) remains on dialysis, now in a nursing home and in need of prayer.

Larry Frame (Friend of Judy Shifflet) Young man, both arms recently amputated, Released from the hospital but has to stay in Morgantown for daily treatment.

Tim & Karla Cook Need prayer for healing & comfort.

Traveling Mercies: Please keep our family and loved ones in your prayers as they travel over this holiday weekend.

Our military, armed forces & their families to keep them safe and protected while serving our country.

State, Local & Federal Government, to make wise decisions for the State of WV and our country.



Jaylah (Neighbor of Kay Miller’s daughter in law) 18 yrs old and has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and is going to Morgantown for treatment. She had 1 treatment of chemo, lost her hair and has sores in her mouth. They are treating this aggressively.

Eddie Cave (Kathy Larrick’s cousin) Recently diagnosed with cancer.

Debbie Yates – Recently diagnosed with Cancer

Nancy Manuel (friend of Saralie Bartgis) Leukemia

Lorna Priddy ( Relative of Melissa Butler) diagnosed with brain cancer

Cheryl Alter (Kathy Larrick’s friend) recently diagnosed with lung & brain cancer.

Denny Burkhart (Friend of C.W & Kelly Coe) – Leukemia

George Selba (Brother of James Selba) – pancreatic cancer

Linda Harrison – Cancer

James & Chris Eichelberger – Cancer in need of prayer

Scott Knotts – (C.W. Coe’s Relative) – Cancer

Ken Hoch (Chris Butler’s friend & Missionary from South Africa) Please keep him in your prayers, both parents have cancer

Julie Mayo, Friend of Amy Vargas, has incurable cancer, nothing can be done at this time, enjoying time with family and God is in control.

Freddy Tabler – Prostate cancer

Paul Morgan – Cancer

Bob Farris – Cancer

Candy Moore – Cancer


Sherry Miller – (Friend of Paul Morgan): Previously diagnosed with breast cancer, Radiation treatment was successful, no need to proceed with additional treatment such as chemotherapy. Thanks to God for her health, recovery, well being and answering our prayers.

If anyone is in need of prayer or to share praises, please contact Shirley Butler (304-229-5030) Chris Butler, Scott Funkhouser, the church website or reply to this email.

If you have recently provided a prayer request, please keep us informed of any updates or the request will be removed after a few weeks unless notified.

May God’s grace and blessings be in your path,

Martinsburg Church of Christ

Carolyn Knight, Church Secretary